Connor Meredith

I am a 20 year old university student from Eastbourne studying Computer Science at The University of Kent in Canterbury. As a keen programmer, I spend most of my time exploring various languages and working with different technologies trying to find a new challenge. In my time away from a monitor, I play a few stringed instruments including guitar, bass and mandolin. I also listen to a wide array of music and go to as many gigs as I can.

I am currently on work placement as a Web Developer at Holiday Extras, a Times Top 100 company that specialise in Airport Parking and Hotels. This has allowed me to work with a number of systems, written in different languages and collaborate with some great developers.

I listen to a wide array of different music from Bon Iver to Foo Fighters to Sigur Ros. I'm always looking for new music and I love going to gigs to see live bands. Feel free to check out my playlists on Spotify.

Guitar Rig:

  • Marshall JVM 410C 100 Watt Amplifier
  • PRS Custom SE24
  • Epiphone Firebird
  • Ibanez ART
  • Tanglewood Acoustic
  • MXR Phase 90
  • MXR DynoComp
  • MXR Carbon Copy Analogue Delay
  • Boss EQ7 Equaliser
  • Dunlop Cry Baby